White wines

White Wines

Welcome to the White Wines section on ViniLaFortezza.it! Here you will find an exclusive selection of high-quality wines, including renowned white wines from the Taburno region. Discover the elegance and freshness of the following wines:

Falanghina del Taburno DOC

Falanghina del Taburno DOC is an exceptional white wine produced with Falanghina grapes from the volcanic slopes of Taburno. With its fresh and vibrant character, it offers fruity notes, pleasant minerality, and a long, persistent finish. Explore our selection of Falanghina del Taburno DOC wines and be captivated by its unique elegance.

Fiano Sannio DOC

Fiano Sannio DOC is a white wine with great personality. Made from Fiano grapes grown in the Sannio region, it stands out for its aromatic character, richness of fruity and floral notes, and pleasant freshness. Savor our selection of Fiano Sannio DOC wines and immerse yourself in the winemaking tradition of this land.

Falanghina IGT Beneventana

Falanghina IGT Beneventana is a white wine that showcases the characteristics of the territory. Produced with Falanghina grapes cultivated in the province of Benevento, this wine is distinguished by its complex aromatic profile, featuring ripe fruit, citrus, and delicate minerality. Discover our selection of Falanghina IGT Beneventana wines and be enchanted by its unique character.

Falanghina Frizzante

Falanghina Frizzante is a lively and sparkling white wine, perfect for moments of joy and conviviality. With its delicate bubbles and fruity aromatic profile, it offers freshness and lightness on the palate. Enjoy our selection of Falanghina Frizzante wines and be surprised by its liveliness.

Greco Sannio DOC

Greco Sannio DOC is a white wine of great elegance and refinement. Made from Greco grapes grown in the Sannio region, it is characterized by its complex bouquet, featuring floral and citrus notes, and enchanting freshness. Explore our selection of Greco Sannio DOC wines and immerse yourself in the charm of this autochthonous variety.

Choose from our selection of high-quality white wines and delve into the essence of Taburno flavors. Our expert winemakers have carefully selected each bottle to ensure an unforgettable wine experience. Purchase your favorite white wines at ViniLaFortezza.it and enjoy the finest wines from Taburno.

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